Fat Cell Reduction

fat cell reduction

  • The simplification of a subject or problem to a particular form in presentation or analysis

  • any process in which electrons are added to an atom or ion (as by removing oxygen or adding hydrogen); always occurs accompanied by oxidation of the reducing agent

  • the act of reducing complexity

  • The amount by which something is made smaller, less, or lower in price

  • decrease: the act of decreasing or reducing something

  • The action or fact of making a specified thing smaller or less in amount, degree, or size

    fat cell
  • cells composed of fat

  • Adipocytes, also known as lipocytes and fat cells, are the cells that primarily compose adipose tissue, specialized in storing energy as fat.

  • (Fat cells) In histology, adipose tissue or body fat or just fat is loose connective tissue composed of adipocytes. It is technically composed of roughly only 80% fat; fat in its solitary state exists in the liver and muscles. Adipose tissue is derived from lipoblasts.

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Cellulite Control Cell Roller Massager

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March 28, 2011
Biden's Journalist-in-the-Closet Caper Is a Big Bleeping Deal
By Kyle-Anne Shiver
Vice President Joe Biden gave a speech last Wednesday in Florida. The occasion was a $500-per-head fundraiser for Democrat Senator Bill Nelson. The Orlando Sentinel was the press-pool-on-point to cover the event for the people of the United States of America.

The Sentinel sent one reporter. Said reporter was immediately confined by a Biden advance-team member to a storage closet, given a bottle of water and kept inside by a Biden thug at the closet door. Biden's prepared speech -- but nothing whatsoever else -- got "covered" for the people of the U.S.A. And the intrepid press-pool-on-point "reporter" limped back to the Sentinel with his little tail between his legs, happy to have had a little water to drink and a cell phone to keep him company during his confinement.

Wimp is too mild a word.

Anyone care to opine on what James O'Keefe might have done in such a circumstance? I would love to have seen that. But I digress into wishful thinking.

Matt Drudge had a source and propelled the story. (I say extra prayers every night for Matt Drudge.) The too-cowardly-for-words-now MSM promptly yawned, cowered and went back to licking the backside of the Obama administration.

The "most transparent" administration in the history of the world locks a reporter in a closet to keep him from mingling with Party fat-cats at the mega-mansion of a mega-rich Democrat donor and this is not front-page, headline news?

Yes, Biden's journalist-in-the-closet caper is a big bleeping deal.

However, it does interfere with the most-transparent-administration-in-history narrative.

So sorry, America. Go back to work, pay your taxes like good little sheep and don't try to pry underneath the covers of transparent thuggery.

Your media -- whose job is supposed to be keeping you truly informed on all elected officials and government workers -- is still held in thrall of the Obama cult. Your media elites have written you off. They are intrepid reporters no more.

Your once-valiant, go-to-any-lengths-to-get-the-whole-story journalists are now the Puppy-Pack.

They follow their masters -- Barack and Joe -- wherever they allow them to go.

The Puppy-Pack huddle for treats -- tidbits of carefully-chosen "news" and micro-managed diets of behind-kissing "access."

The Puppy-Pack eagerly awaits their masters' call to bark-attack any intruder who threatens their masters' delight. They'll surround a Sarah Palin or a Michelle Bachmann and yelp ‘til the cows come home just so they won't get shut out of the masters' hug-fest at sundown. They'll scamper ‘round any unfounded rumor of Tea-Party incivility, while letting union death threats and bomb scares go completely unnoticed-- as long as the masters' hushpuppies keep flying their way. The Puppy-Pack will snarl, yelp, whine and wallow in dirt as long as Barack and Joe keep whistling and calling their names.

When did this piteous reduction in the stature of our fourth estate begin? Well, it began to great 60s-radical fanfare several decades ago. Journalists-in-waiting eagerly imbibed the "America-is-really-horrible" kool-aid and were gulled into believing they would spearhead our revolution into socialist utopia. They waited for the One they were waiting for, all the while dumbing-down their profession and convincing themselves they were really the "smart" Pavlovian pets.

But the disgusting decline of our fourth estate really hit gutter-level rock bottom during the 2008 presidential campaign.

Way back on the campaign trail, long before Barack became the One and Joe became the Two, our media elites were becoming the Puppy-Pack.

When Barack Obama attracted throngs of young people, the Puppy-Pack yelped his praises. But they ignored the really big back story on how these massive "political" rallies were preceded by free rock concerts and free food and beverages. Only happy barks allowed for the new master.

When Barack Obama brought his postage-stamp sized resume to the national stage, MSNBC Puppy-in-chief, Chris Matthews got all "wee-weed up" and felt a "thrill" go up his leg. Puppy Matthews barked this "news" to Gnarling-Puppy pal, Keith Olbermann, with customary spittle flying and our press's lurch at gutter-land was nearly complete.

But then, something scary drew the Pavlovian pets' attention and one of them nearly broke through the conditioning spell. Andrea Mitchell was sent by MSNBC to cover candidate Obama's overseas celebrity tour for the American people and she tried to make a break for reality-regained territory.

While her ever-enthralled puppy pals were chomping for treats, Andrea took notice of the One's "message management." With a momentary romp into reality, Ms. Mitchell showed the tenacity of a bull

Heloderma horridum horridum - Beaded Lizard

Heloderma horridum horridum - Beaded Lizard

The beaded lizard (Heloderma horridum) is a species of venomous lizard found in Guatemala and Mexico. It and its close relative, the Gila monster (Heloderma suspectum), are the only venomous lizards in the world. It is larger than the Gila monster but has duller coloration. Beaded lizards are black with yellowish bands of differing width, depending on the subspecies. A specialized predator that feeds primarily upon eggs, the primary use of its venom is still a source of debate among scientists. However, this venom has been found to contain several enzymes useful for manufacturing drugs in the treatment of diabetes, and further research on the pharmacological use of its venom is still ongoing.

Threatened throughout its range by overcollection and habitat loss, it is a CITES protected animal. The Montagua Valley subspecies (H. h. charlesborgeti) is one of the rarest lizards in the world, with a wild population of less than 200 animals

The beaded lizard has one close living relative, the Gila monster (H. suspectum), as well as many extinct relatives in the Helodermatidae whose evolutionary history may be traced back to the Cretaceous period. The genus Heloderma has existed since the Miocene, when H. texana ranged over most of North America.[2] Because the Helodermatids have remained relatively unchanged morphologically, they are occasionally regarded as living fossils.[3] Although the beaded lizard appears closely related to the monitor lizards (varanids) of Africa, Asia and Australia, the wide geographical separation and unique features not found in the varanids indicates that the beaded lizard is better placed in a separate family.[4]

The species was first described in 1829 by Arend Weigmann as Trachyderma horridum, however, he renamed it Heloderma horridum six months later.[5] Its generic name Heloderma means "studded skin", from the Ancient Greek words helos (????)—the head of a nail or stud—and derma (?????), meaning skin. Its specific name, Horridum, is the Latin word meaning rough or rude

Adult beaded lizards range from 24 inches (61 cm) to 36 inches (91 cm) inches in length. It is substantially larger than the Gila monster, which only reaches lengths of 12 inches (30 cm) to 16 inches (41 cm). Although males are slightly larger than females, the animals are not sexually dimorphic. Both males and females are stocky with broad heads, although the males tend to be broader.[10] The beaded lizard's scales are small, bead-like and non-overlapping. Except for the underside of the animal, the majority of its scales are underlaid with bony osteoderms. Their base color is black and marked with varying amounts of yellow spots or bands, with the exception of H. h. alvarezi, which tends to be all black in color. The beaded lizard also has a short tail which is used to store fat so the animal can survive during months of estivation. Unlike many other lizards, this tail does not autotomize and cannot grow back if broken. The beaded lizard has a forked black tongue which it uses to smell, with the help of a Jacobson's organ; it sticks its tongue out to gather scents and touches it to the opening of the organ when the tongue is retracted

The nominate subspecies H. h. horridum is found in Mexico, from Sonora to Oaxaca. The Rio Fuerte beaded lizard (H. h. exasperatum) is found from southern Sonora to northern Sinaloa

The venom glands of these lizards are modified salivary glands located in the animal's lower jaw. Each gland has a separate duct leading to the base of its grooved teeth. When biting, the beaded lizard hangs on its victim and chews in order to get its venomous saliva into the wound. Although its jaw grip is strong its unsocketed teeth are easily broken off at their bases. The beaded lizard's venom is a weak hemotoxin and although human deaths are rare, it can cause respiratory failure. It consists of a number of components, including L-amino acid oxidase, hyaluronidase, phospholipase A, serotonin, and highly active kallikreins that release vasoactive kinins. The venom contains no enzymes that significantly affect coagulation. Almost all documented bites (eight in the past 100 years) have resulted from prodding captive animals with a finger or bare foot.[15]

While invertebrates are essentially immune to the effects of this venom, effects on vertebrates are more severe and varied. In mammals such as rats, major effects include a rapid reduction in carotid blood flow followed by a marked fall in blood pressure, respiratory irregularities, tachycardia and other cardiac anomalies, as well as hypothermia, edema, and internal hemorrhage in the gastrointestinal tract, lungs, eyes, liver, and kidneys. In humans, the effects of bites are associated with excruciating pain that may extend well beyond the area bitten and persist up to 24 hours. Other common effects of bites on humans include local edema (swelling), weakness, sweating, and a rapid fall in blood pressure. Beaded Lizards are immune to the ef

fat cell reduction

fat cell reduction

Celluless - Portatil Vacum Therapy

CELLULESS Beauty and body firming is ideal for buttocks, abdomen, back, arms and legs, reduces fat and Cellulitis. 110V. Celluless is a system of suction that reduces the cellulitis in buttocks, thighs and abdomen using the technique of the Vacumteraphy, considered the best therapeutic alternative. The Vacumtherapy stimulates the blood irrigation of dermis and hypodermis producing improvements in the aspect of the skin. Besides the therapeutic effect, the Vacumtherapy is a treatment no invasive and painless, avoiding convalescent surgical procedures. The cellulitis affects about 80-95% of women. Celluless counts on a safety valve and a cup of pulsating and continuous suction, for quick and effective results. The sliding of the ergonomic cup produces a simultaneous effect of suction and massage on the skin, that contributes benefits in the lymphatic drainage, increasing the production of the collagen and elastin, improving the texture and tone of the skin. Celluless can mold the figure, reduces the cellulitis, it prepares or affirm the body, like lymphatic drainage, it also calms certain pains thanks to therapeutic massages with which usually it is accompanied. It also helps the muscular mass increasing the blood irrigation and it fortifies the bottoms as if you were exercising. Benefits: Lymphatic drainage. Reduction of cellulitis. Corporal Molding. Rise of buttocks. Increase in the collagen of the production. Improvement in the texture and tone of the skin. Reduction of abdomen. Celluless Contains: Celluless Vacumtherapy of Alternating Suction (reloadable unit of Portable vacumterapia) Corporal cup Adapter of current (Charger) Orange Oil anti-celulittis Guide to Use. Return Policy: The item must be returned within 3 Days and will be exchanged. Return Shipping will be paid by the buyer. We are not responsible for shipped lost orders. It is very important to us your Feedback at Amazon.

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