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How Many Calories In A Hard Boiled Egg White

how many calories in a hard boiled egg white

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Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

*I have seen variations of this process in at least 3 different publications, so there is no credit. This is the process that works for me:

If you love hard boiled eggs, there is nothing worse than finding a gray ring between the egg white and the yolk. Especially annoying if you're trying to use the eggs as a decorative garnish on a dish! This recipe yields perfect eggs every time.

Place eggs in room temperature water just enough to cover, and bring to a boil.

Once the water is boiling, place a lid on the pot, turn off the burner and let the eggs sit for about 10-12 minutes.

Peel and eat!

October 26 2009 - Hard Boiled

October 26 2009 - Hard Boiled


I've been taking hard-boiled eggs to work for breakfast and/or an afternoon snack before I head to the gym. They're just easy, and obviously quite portable. I usually just leave it sitting on my desk and love the reactions that people have to an egg just sitting there. "You know you have an egg there, right?"

how many calories in a hard boiled egg white

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